The God-King Named Steve

Episode 2 · June 25th, 2017 · 37 mins 17 secs

About this Episode

First Round
Beer: "The One They Call Zoe"
Brewery: Hops & Grain
Topic: Nicotine

Second Round
Beer: "White Rascal"
Brewery: Avery Brewing Company
Topic: The Importance of Trying New Things

Third Round
Beer: "Lagunitas CirtuSinesis Pale Ale"
Brewery: Lagunitas Brewing Company
Topic: Lager, Ale, Pilsner.... What is the difference?

Fourth Round
Beer: "Siracusa Nera"
Brewery: Dogfish Head Craft Brewery Inc.
Topic: Our in-laws.

Episode Links

  • The One They Call Zoe — American Pale Lager | 5.20% ABV Hops & Grain Brewery in Austin, Texas
  • White Rascal — White Rascal BELGIAN-STYLE WHITE ALE 5.6% ABV An authentic Belgian-style white ale, this Rascal is unfiltered and cleverly spiced with coriander and Curaçao orange peel producing a refreshingly zesty classic ale.
  • Lagunitas CirtuSinesis Pale Ale — Pale Ale | 7.7% ABV Brewery: Lagunitas Brewing Company We took some fresh Sanguinello Blood oranges, juiced 'em, concentrated that juice (without heat) and threw it into a wheatier version of our New Dogtown Pale Ale. The end result? A refreshingly hopped pale-ish ale with a huge citrus burst!
  • Siracusa Nera — Stout | 10 ABV Dogfish Head Brewery Combining a roasty Imperial Stout with a jammy Syrah wine, this beer is bold and complex. Notes of coffee, dark chocolate and anise from a blend of roasted malts meld with flavors of plums, cherries and stewed fruits from Syrah grape must in this jet black stout. Aged on American oak to add some light toasty vanilla to the mix.